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Boris Dumesnil-Poulin is an artist, a fruit and a lover. He is the eldest of the two sons of an archaeologist and an artist. He likes biology books, forest hikes and victorian poems. He partook many a times in projects involving artistic collectives and institutions, and is now engaged in a master's degree to utter his own words and images. His work is about drawings, poems, video games and gifts. He comes from the future.


He Had Billions of Years

Download the generator :

2011-2013 : Solo
Generated video and sound
Presented in exhibitions at Alma, Montreal, Quebec and online

He Had Billions of Years is a near-infinite word generator. The solo project, grafted to time, has an estimated duration of 195075657851267438296850023081.61 years. It gives to feel the infinite, cataloging every possible word of up to 26 letters. Every second, the last letter is incremented, from A to B, until it reaches Z, where it increments the second last letter, and so on. A white silhouette gives shape to the words, and soundscapes make for a dreamy journey. Similar to Borges’ Babel Library, the project harnesses possibility as a concept, constantly generating new realities. He Had Billions of Years is in a continuous state of emergence, moving towards a known word or figure.

But, when meditating on the distant future, a vertigo engulfs the viewer, for the end, that 26 Z word, is always so very far. Like a clock, the generator is time-bound, dependant not on the where, but solely on the when. As a sort of invincible figure, always moving forward, it grants its genitor, me, a sort of transitive immortality.

Last time I checked, the project said : NRMJEC.

Star Trek Episode Generator

Software, video and sound
Laval University, Quebec

Star Trek Episode Generator is a near-infinite video generator. In its bank, all episodes of the famous show are catalogued, sequence by sequence, that is, every time the image changes considerably. Time-locations are noted in the sequencer, and a 30-minute episode is generated from this collection, jumping from one episode to the other.

As in many TV serials, recurring characters guarantee consistency in the randomness of the iteration. The result is humorous, provocative and confusing, and talks about the very medium of video, the repetition of TV production and the ideas that surface therein.
The generator is made so that any video source can be sequenced than mixed. Endless possibilities! Yay!

Phytorobots Part 1 - To draw

Collaboration with OscarIndiaRomeo
Robotics, plants, paper, graphite

Phytorobots is a continuing solo/collective science-fiction project.

The idea is basically to plug a living plant in a computer, through electronics, to read its various life signs. Then, translating them into something tangible, the computer grants the plant communication and motion, picking up, so to speak, it’s hypothesized intelligence. Wow.

The first part of the project is about allowing the plants to make drawings, and this is a project I wish to continue working on through the course of my graduate studies, exploring diverse ways of translating the plant’s individuality in sound, images, interactions and motion. In addition, the project is also part of a science fiction narrative, where the Phytorobots I invent now evolve into a sentient species in a distant future, and eventually fly off to explore the galaxy on their own. I believe this project is a rich niche for ideas, as well as for collaborations with scientists, philosophers, artists and musicians.

Titanic, a clandestine explosition

Collaboration with The Ohio R
Cardboard tunnels installation, interactive video and sound, automated piano, electronics, mixed medium
As part of a residency at Avatar, Quebec

Titanic was the hacking of an artist-run centre, transforming its offices and studios into a network of cardboard tunnels and hideouts, all while the staff was away on summer holidays. A collective project done within the The Ohio R collective, specialised in such hacks, in a week or so.

Titanic was about making fun of the art world and proposing an alternate way of organising, making and promoting art, without asking permission and being insolent about it. Together we built various stations in the tunnels array, with video, sound and interactive games, an automated grand piano and a sinking boat with a bubble machine.

Even the artist-run centre’s communications and website were hacked, and the exhibit had a famous opening, where hundreds of visitors crawled on all fours, discovering the maze and its mysterious caves.

Insectoïds / Insectoïdes

Collaboration with OscarIndiaRomeo
Electronics, motors, sound
As part of a residency at Avatar, Quebec 

Insectoïds is an electronics installation, with a dozen individual robots reacting to sound to activate hundreds of tiny vibrator motors. The idea behind the project was to create robots that would communicate solely by sound in a beehive manor.

Based on the Arduino platform, we conceived and assembled custom electronics, providing the robots with a sense of hearing and a means of expressing oneself, reacting to the other lifeforms acoustically. The installation had a very eerie presence, rising in sound as the visitor stepped in, to a near cacophony of chirps and hums, with its spaghetti of wires vibrating violently.

By the end of the exhibition, most of the motors had burned out or were broken by the repetitive percussion. This project talks about the addition of tiny things into a violent and powerful ensemble.

Camping Inside

Collaboration with OscarIndiaRomeo
Camping goods, cardboard paper, plastic snakes, video and sound, Quebec

Another humoristic and in situ installation, Camping Inside was done in my collective studio in Quebec, over a period of three days. With OscarIndiaRomeo, we transformed the interior space into an artificial exterior space, a luxurious jungle of trees, waterfalls and lianas, all in cardboard and paper, along with plastic snakes, a camping tent, a mockup moon and a video campfire.

I slept in the tent for three nights, as in a sort of safari trip, and ate canned food. Passers-by saw the installation through the window and some of them visited me in the fake natural environment.

Camping Inside, like Titanic and such projects, is about changing the nature of a place to create new social and spatial experiences, and propose a different way of presenting art, all in a very humoristic, open and simple manner.


2014 :
Collaboration with The Ohio R
Cardboard and textile installation, sound, mixed medium, Meduse Center, Quebec

L’abyss is another hack by the The Ohio R collective, this time installed overnight in the hall of Meduse, transforming it into an underwater abyss, with fishes, sharks, treasure trunks, turtles, anemones, algae, crabs and whales.

As an activistic gesture, the idea was to impose this change of scenery to the staff and visitors of the different artist-run centres, safe from the constraints of an official and approved event. Covering the whole hall with aqua tarpaulin and filling the artificial underwater with a thousand sea creatures, we created a setting for vertigo, for feeling elsewhere, and tried, by this violent architectural action, to invite fellow artists to reclaim art-related places, to make art-making a priority over bureaucracy, grants and proposals.

Noël sous les lasers (Christmas under the lasers)

Collaboration with Frédérique Laliberté & guests
Multidisciplinary event and play with improvisation, music and video
At l’Oeil de Poisson gallery in 2013, at Pantoum in 2014, Quebec, and online in 2015

Noël sous les lasers is a multimedia theater play, created with a group of artists, musicians, scientists and filmmakers, a Christmas event mixing all sorts of influences and ideas.

The recursive fiction, a musical about the making of a sci-fi movie about a Christmas love story, serves as a means of putting together people and mediums, with brilliant songs and dialogues, immersive videos and sound effects. Originally intended to be a Christmas party, the project evolved into a full-featured show, and was presented again the following year, this time with a time travel twist to the plot. This project promotes very well my interests for science fiction, collaboration and multimedia.

More is Gore

Listen to the album online : http://oscarindiaromeo.bandcamp.com

Collaboration with Vincent Robillard, Christo Proto, Simon Paradis, Richard-William Turcotte, Ulysse Ruel, Bruno Muhlemann, Hugo Nadeau and OscarIndiaRomeo
Music project, albums and shows, Quebec and Montreal

The More is Gore project, by the OscarIndiaRomeo collective, is about inviting musicians from different backgrounds (black metal, jazz, pop, motown, etc) and have them play together, record everything and make an album.

This process projects the participating musicians outside their comfort zones, where they have to explore the unknown and add their own special touch to the ensemble. The collective’s role is thus one of initiator and composer, putting the musicians in a creative and free environment, where they can pretty much try anything. The result is something radically new, music that would never exist without the artist’s intervention.

We also did a show, where the musicians were invited to improvise in front and with an audience. Here again, it went crazy and the people were thrilled. We smoked a lot of weed and made the best music in the world. None of this was recorded, as we had forgotten to press the button.

Over the course of years, the band's formation has changed and will change again, generating new avenues, surprises, and methods.

EXTRA: a new album is coming soon!

World of Whales : a Win-Win situation (WWWW)

Collaboration with OscarIndiaRomeo
Interactive video sculpture, custom game software, sound and electronics
As part of a collective exhibition organised by Folie/Culture, Quebec

WWWW is a big yellow boat, with a television set mounted on top, a driving wheel in the cabin and an interface to a video game about whales and otherworldly adventures.

The game, with pixellated graphics, proposes a journey through 8 planes of existence, where the player will encounter monstrous and comical creatures, and garner video prizes at the end of each level. The video game being an artistic one, the player always wins. The game’s visual experience is immersive, enthralling and provocative, with music from the More is Gore project in the background.

WWWW is also a social event, the obvious and immense yellow boat encourages people to gather around the player.

The Starfield (beta)

Download the Mac demo: HERE!

Videogame and performance
Concordia University, Montreal

Uttering aloud luck incantations. A collective spell of enchantement, colors and spaces and words. How is real world teleportation possible, in an achievable way today?

Nightfall. I am standing on the edge of a dark lake. All I can see is the surface of the Invisible. It is hidden under deep waters. The unfathomable thing pulls me, so I dive.

I am utopian in nature. I have cravings of bright colors, marine biologies, psychic items and faraway planets. I share them. I'm looking for imaginary singularities I can thrust plurally. I believe art and science share the fundamental goal of connecting things. I want to make art that is comfortable, luminous to kid and specialist alike. Art as a gift: a complement of humor and images, a bond between he who gives and he who receives. As a Man, I dream of alternate realities and fancy an ideal society where everyone works to better themselves and the rest of humanity.

Sunrise. I'm gone fishing, I'm just a brightness on the horizon.

Temple of Flora

Visit the project's page: HERE!

Botanical walk for the Jardin Botanique de Montréal
Duration : 30 minutes
Concordia University, Montreal

I visit the Botanical Garden repeatedly: this temple of flora is one of silent, slow growth. There, I walk slowly, looking at every particular bloom for several minutes. I experience with the plants something strong that transports me inside and outside, in a way that is otherwordly and barely distinguishable. Something of a spell, really.

In this audio walk, visitors will hear of my endeavours to become plant through the sheer learning of their biological processes and the observation of their pulchritude. A strange mix of science and magic indeed.

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